Let's be Unpredictable


harry: everyone else in the vroom can see it
guy in next lane: shit
harry: yeah
guy in next lane: good one
harry: thakns
guy in next lane: shut the fuck up
harry: ok

im kinda happy but i also really wanna get hit by a car at the same time


I’m most likely going to end up sneaking Fall Out Boy lyrics into my wedding vows.

Im at church and my friends arent here and im just awkwardly sitting here drinking water

04-23 / 18:27


PSA: the 5sos album will be released on the [loud train horn sounds as it rushes by]


facebook is really starting to overstep its boundaries 

I got 10 snaps from random dudes and a dick pic thats why i dont put my snapchat online no. Just no.

04-23 / 18:11 / 1 note